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Corporate clients are offered services by Bank transfer, which eliminates the need to withdraw cash for their transportation needs and allocate cash to the employees of their company with all the attendant inconveniences.

After signing the contract on transport services company is assigned an identifier (code), which the company called a taxi when ordering. Each month the customer will receive a full package of documents and detailed register of trips which are: route, date, time, cost of travel, passenger name. Also on our website have the opportunity in real time to see all the orders Your company without waiting for our documentary verification. Plus non-cash forms of payment are fixed rates prescribed in the contract.

We invite you to cooperation.


The service of transfer from the railway station: the main train and bus station (with a sign)

This service will help to resolve the issue regarding the rest.
For example, You are going to relax on the Islands, or decided to visit relatives who live abroad. Or rather someone come to visit, and they need to meet. In such cases, the primary issue is the taxi to the train station (railway station). Additional service "transfer Luggage" is also great to help You out!
Our driver if the price of the station will provide the meeting with a sign on which is written the surname. Further ensure a comfortable ride, without traffic jams. Because our drivers are perfectly acquainted with the places where there are "congestion" of the situation and will find a perfect analog of the desired route.


Pick-up service from the airport (with a sign)

This service is great help in such situations:

  • if You are busy working moments, and You need to ensure partner meeting (relatives);
  • if You need to go to an office party;
  • when traveling on business;
  • when you go on vacation

We meet its clients with a sign before it: our operator specifies the flight number and the necessary information for the meeting.


Services for corporate and special events in Odessa

Our cars is at Your service for maintenance activities. The customer will be provided a large selection of cars. You can choose the brand of car you need for You class.
You Have a wedding? - Passenger vans at Your service!
the Staff provides individual approach to the implementation of applications, taking into account the wishes.
Regular bonuses and promotions will greatly delight you and help You in the matter of budgetary savings.


Service to pre order taxi

When in front of customers around the questions: correct planning of the day or week; to order a car for the trip to the station, to the airport; orders for transportation services for children - our taxi can take Your application in advance.


The service order driver needed for You (personal order)

Our core clients, sometimes like performing the services of a certain driver. We provide them with the opportunity! This requires a Callsign driver, in the exercise application!


Reservation service "sober driver" - driver

After a corporate event or birthday of the employee, the owners of the car - it is forbidden to drive after drinking!
what to do in this situation as "desirable ferrying the car to Your house and deliver You home"? - Let's order the Driver to the brand and the features of Your machine. Our driver will carry out the driving a car anywhere in the town: carefully, safely, for the best price.


Taxi service hourly

the Level of usefulness of this service is appreciated by customers! For example, in such cases as:

  • if the machine requires a few hours to run errands for work;
  • if you require a taxi service to deal with personal issues (shopping, trips to important business meetings).

Hourly taxi: saves Your time, helps to make for yourself a plan for the day, reduce the amount of Your expenses!


Transportation of Your children - Auto-nanny

For parents who have a lot of worries, the service Auto-nanny - will be the right solution for transporting Your kids! For example, in the garden, to the grandmother and the grandfather, to school.
Our driver will bring Your child to the guard who is in school.


A service execution courier delivery

Our customer service, delivery of correspondence, parcels, etc.
the client is given the opportunity to order a taxi Odessa train or bus station for the meeting of Your parcel and its timely delivery in any area of Odessa or to Ukraine.


Delivery service of medicines and products

For the transport of small Luggage, which are medicines or products - we will provide You with an automobile taxi. And for the transportation of oversized cargo in Odessa - is a cargo transport.


The service of transportation of animals

This service is a good decision to carry You with Your Pets: the cottage, the beach, the training center. of
Our taxi in Odessa transportation will be carried out in a comfortable environment.


Service of technical assistance on the road

Sometimes it happens that your car breaks down. In such cases, the owner of the car needs help. In this issue You will rescue service technical assistance:

  • prikurivatelya" of the battery;
  • towing a car up to a HUNDRED;
  • delivery of fuel from a gas station by taxi.

The taxi service with English speaking driver

This is a taxi booking service in Odessa helps our foreign guests. Our English speaking drivers, better professional translators. After all, they are:

  • know the language very well;
  • perfectly oriented in Odessa;
  • talk about the attractions and show them;
  • cheaper than interpreters;
  • advise on places to stay.

Service oversized Luggage

The implementation of this service in Odessa, occurs on a truck, with observance of rules of transportation!


Long distance transportation

In the long-distance transport generally require people going on a business trip, a business trip. This trip provides a comfortable environment, and most importantly safety!
choosing our taxi service - You provide yourself with a comfortable environment, in addition, with a pleasant vpechatleniyami from the service!


economy class

Our fleet is located in Odessa, consists of different brands of cars, which list, contains domestic cars. We are missing: the Muscovites; Vases 2106; foreign cars older than 3 years.
basically, in such machines, have air conditioning. The fare by taxi Odessa of air-conditioning will be higher than the fare for a taxi without air conditioning!


comfort class

In this category involved: foreign cars made in 2007), vehicles raised level of comfort (according to the international classification). To work in a taxi Odessa, allowed only machine of air-conditioning! the
In the Comfort of a taxi can fit passengers in the amount of 4 guests, including children (of any age).


Business class

This category of cars includes cars since 2007, which is air-conditioned and have a class "D" according to the international classification system. On data taxi Odessa, marked signs are missing!
the Final cost of the order of a taxi Odessa, includes the work rate of the air conditioner. The car can fit 4 passengers (including children).



In our taxi fleet contains various brands of cars, which are used to perform a variety of services.
These machines can carry 5 passengers (not including driver).
universal Taxi in Odessa, you may perform a transportation service to the customers by class:Comfort, Business. the
When ordering universal taxi, our taxi service Odessa, comfort class or business will operate a tariff system that includes relevant criteria. And therefore will be in action tariff Wagon! 1 this car fits 5 passengers.



Fleet of our taxi service in Odessa, includes Minivans. They can provide transportation services for people in the amount of 5 persons (including children), in addition to the driver.
Minivans can serve class: Comfort, Business. We will apply the tariff to the Minivan. All cars are equipped with air conditioning.



The Optimal Taxi service in Odessa, has the cars like vans. In most, they are air conditioned. the
To our customers the possibility to order such a taxi in Odessa, class Minivan. This is the case, when she is ordered to transport people in the amount of 5 people.



In the Optimal Taxi fleet in Odessa, there are different brands of cars of foreign production, with different capacity.


Moving to office or apartment. Comprehensive service.

If You will be moving to office or apartment and You want to do it without problems, please contact us and the move will not be something onerous. We employ drivers and movers with lots of experience. Working with such professionals we are confident in the quality of your services.